They are an awesome team.
The team at Abbott Chiropractic is professional and during a treatment, explains what they are doing and why. I feel free to ask them their opinion on exercise, vitamin supplements, and any other health & wellness related topic. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and experts in their fields.
A family run business that is dedicated to its patrons well-being. I have been treated by both Dave Abbott and his daughter Melanie Abbott. I have received treatment for issues including my lower back, neck, and throwing arm dating back, to 2016. Its best to call and book an appointment, though they may have time to see you between clients if you are willing to wait. The cost and scheduled time for a session will vary based on client treatment; I believe its worked out to approximately $45.00 for a 25-30 minute session. Appointments are confirmed by receptionist using voicemail or email reminders. Dave Abbott was referred to me by a softball friend and I would now consider the entire family at Abbott Chiropractic Clinic to be 'my chiropractor'.
Mel is an amazing and very knowledgeable doctor :)